At Remoment we take your integrity very seriously. In order to provide access to the service (website, mobile application, facebook login etc.) we must collect and store some personal information about you.

When you download our app and use our services, we automatically collect information about the type of device you are using, the operating system version and the device identifier (so-called ”UDID”).

We do not use any location-based information from your mobile device when using our mobile app or services.

We use analytics software to help us understand the functionality of our app on your phone. This software can record information such as how often you use the application, the events that occur in the application, total usage, performance data and where from the application was downloaded (eg appstore or google play). We do not share this anonymous information in the analysis program with anyone.

If you do not accept what is stated in this policy, please do not use our App or Web Services.

Children / adolescents under the age of 18 may not access the services provided by remoment.se By agreeing to this privacy policy you also agree that you are 18 years or older.

Basic profile information is collected from you as you create your account including your full name and email address. Delivery address and any billing address and phone number for notification. IP number and OS to give us an insight into what services and platforms we should develop for.

When you use the site, your images, projects and resources you interact with will be stored and linked to your profile information.

This information is only used to create the physical products you ordered and deliver them. Statistical information about the use of the website is also used to improve the website and the services provided at https://remoment.se/.

E-mail is used for marketing purposes / newsletters in cases where you have approved this, you can then change your consent in the newsletters.

The data protection officer for remoment.se is Tomas Hammarström and you can contact him at hello@remoment.se

WHO DO YOU SHARE MY DATA WITH? (so-called third party)
Markbladet digitalprint & printshop ab produces all products and all production takes place within the ”house”. In order to send your order, a so-called third party where we use DHL, PostNord and Unifaun for technical transport solutions. To pay by card, we use Nets. Our checkout and order system are cloud based with the help of Amazon Web Services’ local server in Stockholm, managed by photobook.ai. In cases where this is necessary, we have a Personal Data Assistance Agreement with the above parties.

Your personal data is stored as long as you are a customer with us. You can manage this yourself and choose to ”be forgotten” in your app.

Projects ordered

We save ordered projects for 14 days on our server from the order date in order to handle a complaint.

Unordered projects

Only saved on your own phone, removing the app will remove the project.

If you have previously agreed to allow remoment.se to store and process your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy, and you wish to withdraw your consent, request removal from your account. We have chosen to put this at the account level so that no unauthorized person can delete your data. Upon removal, you will no longer be able to access the services provided by https://remoment.se/ if your consent is withdrawn.

You can make corrections to your basic profile information in your app and edit your own profile. If you have questions, or want any other data to be corrected or deleted, send an email to the Data Protection Officer at hello@remoment.se.
Be prepared that you must be able to identify yourself.

You must submit your request in writing as it will include your signature, city and date. Also, be prepared to identify you in numerous ways so that we can secure your identity. You can’t just send an email.
Your written request is sent to Remoment Box 113, 51121 Kinna. It should also include your username, email, and phone. We will contact you in several ways to ensure your identity so that no unauthorized person makes a registry extract.
NOTE! If the request from a data subject is manifestly unfounded or unreasonable, the data controller may charge a reasonable fee or refuse to comply with the request. Each register excerpt can be subject to a fee of at least SEK 200 to cover the costs of providing you with information we have about you.


To administer, develop and deliver and manufacture our goods and services and provide supportCompletion of purchase agreements (terms of sale)Name, address, telephone number and e-mail Geographical information IP address, unit information, log information Pictures
uploaded for printing,
Two years after you were most recently active at remoment, for example by shopping with us.
To ensure that legal requirements are complied with, such as the Accounting ActLegal obligationName, address, telephone number and e-mail Geographical information IP address, device information, log informationAs long as we are obliged to store the data according to applicable law
To market remoment.se through e-mail.Balancing of interestsEmailUntil the customer refuses / changes consent to the newsletter subscription.
To manage your account holdings, as well as enable communication via, email, phone.Completion of purchase agreements (terms of sale)Name, address, telephone number and e-mail Geographical information IP address, unit information, log information, Payment details Customer number Information on how to use our web Information about your purchases Information about your account holdingsAs long as you have an account

Purchaser (you) and Remoment enter into an agreement only when the order has been confirmed by an e-mail order confirmation from Remoment. The order confirmation is automatically generated without manual review. In case of any errors in e.g. specifying price, delivery time, etc., we reserve the right to correct this afterwards. To shop at Remoment you must have turned 18 years. Remoment reserves the right to send out newsletters to your registered E-mail in cases where you have approved this, so-called. Opt-in.

Payment against invoice Our invoice is handled by Nets / Arvato. Terms of payment 14 days. In case of late payment, the statutory reminder fee is SEK 60. In case of non-payment, the invoice is handed over to debt collection. The usual credit check is done.

Payment by card Card payment is made by VISA or Mastercard. Enter your card number and the card’s validity. The money transfer is done with SSL encryption which means that no unauthorized person can see your card details. The payment side supports the SCA / RTS global security standard

With Swish you pay easily and quickly with your mobile phone. Download the Swish app and follow the instructions at checkout when you pay. Only for Swedish customers.


All prices include VAT. When a confirmed order, prices can only be changed by circumstances that Remoment does not have, eg. changed commodity prices, currency change or VAT. Delivery costs are always added.

Shipping and delivery terms

Shipping costs are fixed. The total shipping amount is seen when the products are in the customer basket and the payment method is selected. Normal delivery time within Sweden is 1-3 business days after your product is manufactured. Delivery times for certain and special periods during the year (weekends and holidays) are updated on the website. Should the delivery time deviate from the promised time, we will notify the customer as soon as possible. We are eligible for partial deliveries.

Returns and complaints

Returns do not apply to custom-made image products with your digital images for no particular reason because they are a service product that is manufactured based on your own specifications and individual wishes, which you can review on your phone and approve before printing. Visible error is reported immediately upon receipt of the item to hello@remoment.se. Hidden error is reported to us within 3 days of receipt. A product that we have found is incorrectly dispatched or damaged is replace. Incorrectly returned goods must be returned unused in unbroken packaging. We follow the recommendations of the General Complaints Board in Sweden (ARN) in case of any dispute. Returns are sent to Remoment, Box 113, 51121 Kinna

Remoment prints the ordered photo books. based on the information contained in the uploaded files. We cannot provide a color identity in comparison to another print. Only exceptionally large deviations in the colors can be reclaimed. You are solely responsible for the texts and images sent to Remoment. In the end, you as a customer are responsible for the quality of your photos. We can warn against resolution but can’t actively see blur color errors on your images. Resolution is also something that can be changed and then our warning systems no longer work.
As a client, you ensure that you have the copyright and all other rights to the texts and images used to produce the photo books you order. All violations of these rights and any penalties are the responsibility of you as a client. Should the user upload an image that causes the liability to be remitted to Remoment, the user alone shall assume all process and liability.

Remoment is a registered trademark owned by Markbladet digitaltryck & printshop ab. Org No. 556578-9103. Industrigatan 12, Skene, Sweden